Support Us Today! 

The Bulb provides produce, cooking tutorials, education on creative outlets, budgeting, outreach, and more within vulnerable neighborhoods.  There are many ways to support us and get involved. Choose the best way you can give. 

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Farming & GArdening

We work with various farms and gardens including Lazy Heron, Bush N Vine, The Farm at Dover Vineyards, Barbie Farms, Street Fare Farm, and Friendship Gardens. Without their help, we could not provide local produce to the people.  If you want to learn more about farming and would like to volunteer on the farms that help us, please click link below to find out more. 


Cooking & Educating

We work with various chefs like Chef Julia Simon from Nourish pictured above. With their cooking tutorials and insight at each market, we are able to educate the public on how to utilize produce at our markets. We also like to provide creative outlet tutorials, access to resources, and budgeting at our markets. If you'd like to volunteer, click the link below and sign up today! 

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In order to provide markets, it is important to gain support from our community. Just $50 can support a market affecting 30 individuals. With your donation, we can continue our mobile markets within our current neighborhoods and grow within more neighborhoods in need.